Premises Liability - Injury

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Premises Liability - Injury

Injury on a Ramp

A disabled woman rented a home and specifically negotiated that the landlord would build her a wheelchair ramp so she could safely access the front door. He built the ramp in the early fall; but never properly completed the job. The ramp had no non-skid surface and had no railing on the side away from the house.

As the woman was leaving her home one wet winter day, her young grandson started running down the ramp toward the street. The woman yelled for her daughter - and then stepped to the side of the ramp to allow her daughter to run and retrieve the young boy.

As she stepped to the right, her cane and foot slipped on the wet surface. With no railing to grab, her leg went our from under her and she suffered an extremely serious ankle fracture.

The fracture required surgery - and moreover, left the already disabled woman with an additional partial permanent disability. She was left with even greater mobility restrictions than she had prior to the fall.

After filing suit on her behalf, Rick Lowell was able to obtain the woman a very substantial 6-figure settlement.

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