Premises Liability - Fireworks

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Premises Liability - Fireworks

Injury by Fireworks

A young boy was attending a local high school football game -- it was Homecoming. At half-time, the school had made arrangements for a celebratory fireworks show -- put on by a professional fireworks display company. Kids were invited into the endzone to watch the show. As the show began, it became apparent that something was going wrong. Pieces of shell debris began falling from the sky at alarmingly high speeds. The field was covered with the debris -- but more importantly, as the young boy looked up to see what was going on, a large piece of the ceramic debris struck him in the eye at, what his eye doctor estimated was, 100 mph. The ambulance at the scene rushed him to a local hospital.

The young man went through a few years of recovery. He was left with an injured eye which impacted his future safety when playing sports. (Injury to his good eye could leave him substantially visually impaired.)

Just prior to trial, Rick Lowell was able to negotiate a settlement for the young boy that included an annuity package designed to pay him a total of over $2 Million over his lifetime.

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