Stay safe while you are out walking your dog this fall

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Stay safe while you are out walking your dog this fall
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 9/28/2018

Finding ways to stay active during the fall months is often a challenge. Some individuals who have dogs might opt to walk that pet to try to get some exercise in. This is a good idea, but it is one that has to include vital safety tips.
Here are a few that you might find useful:

  • Try to walk when it is still light out. This might be challenging with the earlier dusk, so you should pick well-lit areas if you are planning on walking when it isn't full daylight. Bring a flashlight with you if you are walking in the dark. There are some that attach to the dog's leash so you can keep a hand free.
  • Wear reflective clothing. This is especially important if you are walking between dusk and dawn or when there is fog out. The reflective properties will alert drivers to your presence. Some vests have battery-operated lights that can warn a driver that you are walking from a greater distance than regular reflective properties.
  • Bring a buddy with you. This helps you in case something bad happens. The buddy can contact emergency services for you and might be able to prevent a negative incident.
  • Stick to streets that aren't overly busy or that have sidewalks. The less time you have to spend in the road, the safer you will be. Even in less busy areas, you need to use proper caution when you are crossing the street. Always use crosswalks and double check traffic coming from both sides.

If you are struck by a vehicle, make sure that you get medical care if you need it. You should also check on your dog to see if they were harmed. If you suffered a serious injury, you might choose to seek compensation for the damages of the incident.

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